Simple Pulse Generator using LM324 opamp

This is a simple pulse generator to use for testing purposes. It uses the LM324 operational amplifier, and the frequency can be controlled with a potentiometer. The LM324 chip is not that fast, so the frequency will be limited.

I used LTSpice for schematics and simulation:

The frequency range for this with C1=33nF is about 10 Hz to 6kHz. If you replace the capacitor with a 10nF, it will go up to about 11kHz. But the waveform will suffer, as it will be more like a triangle wave.

It will produce an output of 5V peak.

At 160 Hz it should look like this:

I created a PCB in FreePCB:

For 1200 dpi images see the links at the bottom of this article.

Part list:

R1 - 10 kOhm
R2 - 100 kOhm
R3 - 100 kOhm
R4 - 10 kOhm
R5 - 12 kOhm
R6 - 10 kOhm
C1 - 33 nF
POT1 - 1 MOhm
U1 - LM324
P1 - 3 x CMM 2 pol 5 mm spacing


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  1. shivakumar says:

    its a very good circuit, it helped me a lot

  2. Gene says:

    Great job and thanks much for the schematics and notes.

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