Software projects

Arduino 20 servos thn Arduino UNO Controlling 20 Servos With 15 bit Precision And Low Jitter

Hardware projects

RC car head, tail and brake lights LED control board
Double PWM controlled H-bridge for interfacing with an Arduino
Simple Pulse Generator using LM324 opamp
thn useless machineMoody Useless Machine

Design and simulation

  How to design a circuit from NAND-gates only,using a truth-table
 CD4028/HEF4028 as a sub-circuit simulation in LTSpice

Electronics in general

  Operational amplifier basic circuits
 Controlling a bipolar stepper motor using microstepping
 Electronics basic formulas

Under development

  LamjaStep – Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver

9 Responses to

  1. Sebastian Kubsch says:

    Hello. I search for your leave me alone machine from YouTube. Where can i get one?

  2. Raj Bose says:

    Your Useless machine is awesome, can you please mail the schematic and the Arduino sketch.

    Many thanks.

    • arvid says:

      Hi. I will make an afford trying to post an article here on the site in a couple of days. I will need to break apart the one Box I have left since I dont remember what pins I used on the ATMEL. Stay tuned.

  3. Andreas says:


    Is there any site where i can by the things i need in order to build you useless machine? Or even better. Can i maybe buy one from you? (I´m from sweden so transport would be very easy!)

    Today i have this one

    Best regards

    • arvid says:


      You’ll need one Arduino UNO, two hobby servos, one diode (to lower the voltage from 6V to ca. 5V for the Arduino) and one 4xAAA (or 4xAA) battery case for the Electronics in its simplest form. A MOSFET is nice to have to save power, but not needed. at you will get it all. And you will need some Wood working materials for the Box.

  4. mike says:

    I’ve been looking for your 3d printer design for making pcb’s and possible any software. Do you. Have it avaliable

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